Grant & Cypher Uno – CRJC08302014 DJ Tunnel MX @ El Steinvorth (Chino’s Bash Party)

Grant on the Mix Cypher Uno @ the scratch/mic
JAM mode for Chino Hidalgo B-Day Bash party


Num Artist Title
1 Loadstar Under Pressure
2 Prolix Set the Place on Fire
3 Tantrum Desire Adventure Through Space
4 Wicked N Sick Cyber Panda
5 Dj Manga Cyborg Kurumi
6 Ed:it Sound Killer
7 Royalston Feat. August Storm Jungle Gone Down
8 Silent Type & Sativa Dub You Can’t Hide
9 Kantyze Scare Crow
10 State Of Mind, Percieve Mr. Cover Up
11 State Of Mind & PercIEve Mr. Cover Up (Neonlight Remix)
12 Trippcore, MC Mood Get Up (Vocal Mix)
13 Dose Mind The Future
14 Agressor Bunx Rock in to the Future
15 I Am Legion Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz Remix)
16 Jayline Peanut Butter on Toast
17 Salaryman Your Eyes (Release Remix)
18 A-Cray You Don’t
19 Aesthetics Villains
20 Two Mind True Ninja VIP
21 Trippcore Cyberninja
22 Elteck Wake Up
23 Killer Industries One
24 Veak Movie Star
25 Dead Battery The Devil’S Signature
26 Qo Hopeless
27 Jayline Terribly Afraid
28 Callide Drop Bombs
29 Crissy Criss Rinsin’ Selection
30 Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz Panoramic (Roygreen & Protone Remix)
31 Back Up & Follix Empire Mode
32 DJ Devize feat MC Foxy Don’t Make Me Switch
33 Drumsound & Bassline Smith Skumbag
34 Brainfuzz Bad Beginning
35 State of Mind Bigger Faster Stronger
36 Invaders Of Nine Turn My World Around
37 Bladerunner Feel for You (VIP)
38 Sonic Piano Anthem
39 Bustre You and Me (Feat. Myth)
40 Ben Soundscape & Superior Selectionz Panoramic (Roygreen & Protone Remix)
41 Optiv & BTK Drop the Funk
42 DBR UK & Displaced Paranormals Big Daddy
43 Dexta & Mauoq feat. MCXL Torn
44 Hyroglifics Soundboy
45 Dub Phizix Athos
46 DJ Muggs Wikid (feat. Chuck D & Jared from HED PE) [6Blocc Remix]
47 Wiley Local Lad
48 Dub FX Sooth Your Pain





2 thoughts on “Grant & Cypher Uno – CRJC08302014 DJ Tunnel MX @ El Steinvorth (Chino’s Bash Party)

  1. Aca les dejo como es de costumbre con mi broda Cypher Uno de Ratas Muertas en el El Steinvorth
    CRJunglist Crew Style!

  2. ahhyeahh

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