Grant – CRJC20140207 – Drum Hustle @ Velvet Lounge 1

La grabación del primer evento parte de Velvet Nights


Num. Title Artist
1 We Shootin’ 1st Crunchy Black/Gangsta Boo/Lord Infamous
2 Touch The Sky VIP Critycal Dub ft Level 2
3 Throwdown (feat. GK) Rafiki & Draize
4 You Do Me Wrong Stealth & Altair
5 Chains Bass Antics & Nino
6 Hudson Hawk Aeph
7 Superficial Lover Klute
8 Missing Paradise (Original Mix) Actraiser
9 Astral Dub (Original Mix) Rhythm Beater and T1
10 Drowned By Angels (Original Mix) Red Army
11 Liquidity Pawel Kusinski
12 The Burning (Original Mix) Chris.Su & State Of Mind
13 Lies Londy
14 Angry Jazzer Fred V
15 Afterglow (Cyantific Remix) Wilkinson
16 Cry Baby Dave Owen
17 Break the Spell DJ Marky & Invaderz
18 Easy (Mediks Bootleg) Mat Zo & Porter Robinson
19 Jazzy Midnight Request
20 Flow Feat. Humanature (Original Mix) Skeletone & Silence Groove
21 Brooklyn Standard (Original Mix) Kasper
22 Down To The Sax Treex
23 Give It To Me Command Strange
24 Believe (Feat. Hebe Vrijhof) Maduk
25 Ghost Network Feat. Anodyne Industries (Original Mix) Toronto Is Broken
26 Searching Kove
27 Paperchase Brookes Brothers
28 Alright Switch
29 Buzzin’ (feat. Dub Phizix & Skeptical) Chimpo
30 Lunar Step (Original Mix) Chris Hawker
31 Run It Like The President (ft. T-Man) Dub Phizix & Skeptical
32 Soundboy Emperor
33 Digital Future Hyroglifics Ft. MC Tone Def
34 Don’T Worry I’m Easy Man Skeletone
35 Jazzman DJ Westy
36 That Stuff Euphorics
37 Wicked Ones Scott Allen & Deeper Connection
38 One Year On (Feat. Deeizm) Bcee & Lomax
39 Some Things Never Change Dave Owen
40 Something New Trex & Ella Jones
41 Never Enough (Original Mix) High Maintenance Vs. Katie’s Ambition
42 Let It Be (Original Mix) Light Of Night
43 Gonna Be Alright (Atlantic Connection Remix) Rose Hart